Options Menu

Options Menu

The options menu contains a number of shortcuts to change some popular settings:

Speed: Selects the emulation’s current speed. Also see the Rewind and Fast Forward shortcut keys.

Video Size: Selects the picture’s size – when fullscreen is selected, the picture will automatically fill the screen. Additionally, you can also manually resize the window to select any size you prefer.

Video Filter: Selects a filter to apply to the picture. The NTSC filters attempt to reproduce the feeling of old CRT screens, while the other filters are a variety of different techniques used to scale up pixel art. Additional NTSC filter specific settings are available in the video options.

Region: When set to Auto, the emulator will try to detect the game’s region (NTSC or PAL) - however, this is not always possible. When there is nothing to suggest a game is for the PAL region (Australia & Europe), the NTSC region (North America & Japan) will be used by default.

Configuration Dialogs

Additional settings can be found in each of the available menu options: